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PAINTINGS / WRITTEN LANDSCAPES –-The author's strategy, working methods, procedures and means of expression are associated with various artistic disciplines, and resonating in them are experiences loosely connecting them in particular with an unbroken tradition of action and conceptual art, body art and land art.

Written Landscapes 2000/2020

We can perceive the paintings of Miloš Šejn created in recent years as an equivalent of his processional drawings and videos. In them, site selection plays an important role (besides temporal coordinates, which the author meticulously records). It is a privileged ”topoi” for which he created a purely personal and emotional bond, and to which he repeatedly returns as the landscape of his life - whether they are specific locations in the Giant Mountains or by the Eger River. The artist‘s contact with the landscape literally has a physical nature; indeed, he enters the images of these places through his own body. You could even say that his experience from the place unfolds in a very intimate, almost erotic mode. These associations are moreover evoked by the fact that the material of many of his paintings is canvas with memory of the body, sheets with the „wrinkles“ life. Tensioned in the frame, we can then read them as unrepeatable intimate traces of stories in which all situational moments left their creative role: besides landscape morphology and body painting also material that clung to the “painter‘s canvas” - grass, clay, flowers, twigs, feathers … In a certain sense, we could designate Šejn’s paintings as some kind of temporal “canning” of specific objective realities and subjective emotions and experiences, capturing the poetry of the place and the fleeting moment. Everything in the painting has meaning as part of a unique situation. In a way, the painting is an object in physical relation not only to the creator and the landscape, but also to the viewer.

From NMHTÍ by Kaliopi Chamonikola

Javoří loukou / Maple Meadow – Giant Mountains 9. 8. 2017, acrylic, pigments, materials and charcoal on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

Javoří loukou / Maple Meadow – Giant Mountains 9. 8. 2017, acrylic, pigments, materials and charcoal on canvas, 150 x 150 cm

Agara / Agara River 20. 4. 2019, acrylic, pigments, materials and charcoal on canvas,150 x 150 cm

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