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Galerie moderního umění v Hradci Králové

Contemporary art does not yet have a history. It makes no sense, therefore, to tell his story chronologically, but rather thematically, with an emphasis on the diversity of approaches of individual artists and artists to visual creation. 


Green Line
represents the secondary vegetative architecture of the place, open to human and landscape imagination. The 350 incised and planted willow rods partly respect the course of the meandering stream, partly deny it and reveal possible communicative aspects of the surrounding meadows at the crossing point. The possibility of a new journey is thus established. In three to five years, a green tunnel corridor will be created and aspects of meandering water and meandering vegetation will be entangled at the very moment when humans will be crossing through this area. The humane, vegetative, water, earth and sky aspects will be interconnected, adorned with the occasional kingfisher flights.

Nebelschütz, Jauer river valley, Germany

Green Line cencept
Green Line probable form of intervention after three years

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