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Thanks to the hidden connections of ANIMA MUNDI, all the ecosystems of the Earth, before and after the appearance of mankind, found their equilibrium, their ways to live and to develop themselves, to transform and to evolve. 

Roses for St. Catherine, 2004

On September 11, 2004, I planted some Rosa pendulina and Rosa gallica specimens into the St. Catherine’s Garden in Prague. The roses were transferred from the valley of the Kamenice river in the Jizera Mountains and from the hill of Sv. Anna in Bohemian Paradise and were left behind for their fate.

Katerinky complex and Catherine’s gardens include several historical sights. In direct contact with the garden, it is especially the summerhouse America by K.I.Dientzenhofer and Hlavkas Mothers Hospital, directly adjacent to the garden wall. Inside the garden itself, it is a former convent of the Augustinians-hermits at St. Catherine (probably build by F.M.Kanka) with the monastery church of St. Catherine rebuilt again by K.I.Dientzenhofer, Voračických z Paběnic villa (now called Herzův dům) and the building of the psychiatric clinic (originally a mental hospital).

The whole region has a rich history not only on building art, but also on spiritual history. One year at the German University Albert Einstein was teacher here, blood groups have described by doktor Jansky, it was the birthplace of Ema Destinnova, fruitful life here ended national composer Bedrich Smetana, Antonín Dvorak worked there. However, todays situation does not respond with it, current users can not use traditions and pasts to further develop this area.

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